Los Andes Peruvian Cuisine



Chef Oscar Graham

Graham was born on the coast in Huacho, a city an hour north of Lima. He studied for four years to be a police officer in Lima but decided to leave the country due to political and economic instability. 
Oscar has 40 years of experience with culinary traditional Peruvian dishes. He began his cooking career at Bruno's Restaurant in New York. In early 80's he moved to California where he's considered a pioneer of Peruvian Food. Graham was part of the culinary opening at El Carbon, EL Monte, El Cholito, El Incas Cuisine. 
As Chef at Contigo Peru, soon after opening, Nikki Buchanan (Arizona Republic) qualified the restaurant with 4 stars. In 2012 Graham opened Tumi, where he applied his extensive experience, and adds a modern twist to Tumi's unique recipes. With each of his colorful presentations, he shares his love and passion for his culture.
After opening Tumi, it earned a prestigious 4.5 stars from The Arizona Republic. Tumi earned the Best of Phoenix award in 2013, Best Latin American Restaurant and was named one of the best restaurants in Phoenix New Times.
In 2018, Oscar Graham opened Los Andes Peruvian Cuisine where he continues to cook, while creating an environment for people of all cultures with the help of his team. 

Our Awards

Phoenix New Times "Best Peruvian Restaurant"
Phoenix Magazine "Best New Restaurant" 
Yelp "People love us on Yelp" Award
Phoenix Magazine "Top 100 restaurants"